Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What I Wore - Pooch Hiding Leggings

I haven't felt good enough about my post-partum body to do a style post, but then I got these leggings from Old Navy and I had to share them with all of my internet friends.  If you've had a baby (ever) or have eaten one too many scoops of ice cream, then you are probably familiar with the dreaded pooch.  Even though I stayed in much better shape this time around my stomach was stretched out with a baby and it was cruel enough so kind as to remember how to stay stretched out, so I have a serious pooch right now.

I don't want to wear maternity jeans, but my hips haven't gone back enough yet for me to even think about pulling on my pre-pregnancy jeans.  This doesn't leave a lot of options for getting dressed.  I love leggings but they don't exactly do anything to hide the extra weight and pooch I'm carrying around right now.  At least that is what I thought until I found these ponte leggings at Old Navy.  I ordered them because they are ponte, which means they are thicker than a cotton legging and thus leave no chance of booty showing through.

The amazing bonus I discovered when I first tried them on.  Because of the placement and width of the waistband they are miraculous at sucking the pooch in and keeping it there without creating a giant muffin top or making my stomach hurt.  WHAT!?!?! They are a miracle of modern leggings at an unbelievably reasonable price.

These pictures were taken at exactly 5 weeks post-partum and while I obviously have a ways to go my pooch is pretty much invisible (if you disagree please don't disillusion me).  I paired it with my favorite boyfriend tee from Target.  I loved these pre-pregnancy and then sized up to wear them throughout my pregnancy.  Now, the ones I wore during my pregnancy are still perfect because they are loose over the pooch and the neckline has enough stretch that I can pull it down and to the side to nurse.  I hate having to pull shirts up to nurse because then I risk someone seeing my less than toned midsection and if I'm being honest, I am definitely vain enough that I don't want anyone seeing that.

To pull it all together into some semblance of an outfit I added this tan open cardigan and a black scarf.  I'm obviously not wearing any crazy jewelry right now because, um, I have a newborn.  My comfortable leopard flats added a little bit of interest and I was ready to go out into the world without the yoga pants I've been living in, but just as comfortably.

By the way, sorry for the squinty pictures, it was really bright out.  Does anyone else have any great post-partum or nursing style tips to share?

Cardigan - Limited - old
Leggings - Old Navy - on sale for $19
T-shirt - Target -  $9
Flats - Payless - no longer available in leopard but other options $29.99

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