Friday, September 13, 2013

Maternity Fitness - Why Lindsay Brin is my BFF

I've mentioned before that I gained an ungodly amount of weight when I was pregnant with Jake.  I had never really exercised and other than walking around our neighborhood, that didn't change when I was pregnant.  I didn't eat crazily, but I also didn't not eat something if I wanted to.  At the end of the day I gave birth to a healthy baby and 18 months later (yes, that was a long time but I struggled with milk supply which made it very difficult for me to lose weight) I weighed even less than I did when I got pregnant.

Fast forward to today and I am pregnant again.  This time around I am maintaining a much healthier rate of weight gain.  Of course, food was not my friend for the first few months and that certainly played a role, but overall I am chalking up my success this time to exercise, specifically the prenatal DVDs by Lindsay Brin.  You can buy all of her DVDs on  

If you love exercise I guess we can still be friends, but I am not like you.  I hate exercise.  You know how some people say once they get started they like it.  That is not me.  If I'm on the elliptical, I not only have to talk myself into getting on, I have to pep talk myself through the entire workout.  The only part of exercise I like is how I feel about myself for having done it.   When you have a little one and no free child care, going to the gym can be difficult.  For me, going to the gym was just one more way for me to talk myself out of going so DVDs have been the perfect solution for me.

Several months after I had Jake I discovered Lindsay Brin's postnatal bootcamp on (that is a great daily deal site if you haven't discovered it yet).  I was an instant convert.  She mixes it up so you aren't bored and before you know it you are doing the cool down and moving on with your day.  Each of her DVDs has different people doing the workouts with different modifications (easier, regular, and advanced) so you can use them no matter how fit you are when you start.

After my rave reviews, my sister bought Lindsay Brin's prenatal series available here with the postnatal boot camp.  When I got pregnant this time I borrowed it and I love it.  My only concern with this series is that each trimester has one cardio and toning routine and one yoga routine so I thought I might get used to it and stop seeing results.

Luckily, Linsday just put out a new pregnancy 3-pack that also includes a 4th bonus DVD for core recovery in those first few weeks post partum.  Each DVD in the series is tailored to a trimester and has a 2 week workout calendar which helps keep variety in your routine.

To give you an idea of my routine, I do 1 week of the old prenatal series, then the 2 week calendar of the new prenatal series.  Then I start all over again.  I usually do 6 days a week.  Monday through Friday I do cardio and toning, Saturday I do yoga, then Sunday I rest.  The longest day is less than 45 minutes and it really does go quickly.  If you want more specifics on my routine just email me, I'll fill you in.

Between helping me lose my baby weight the first time, and helping me manage my weight gain this time, I have a major girl crush on Lindsay Brin.  We may never have met, but she has definitely earned the place of BFF in my heart. 

In addition to the two prenatal series sets and postnatal boot camp DVD, I have used (and loved) her Boot Camp 2, Shed 5 Fast, and Dance Jam.  She has a new series called Pretty Fierce (one tailored to weight loss and one tailored to losing that last 5-10 pounds) that I can't wait to try when the time comes.

This is not a sponsored post.  Lindsay may be super special to me, but she doesn't know I exist.  I just really, really love her DVDs and I wanted to share with all of you lovelies.  Check her out, she offers a free trial of any program.  If you love her as much as I do, I'd love to hear about it.