Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Superman Party Part 2: Party Details & Activities

This was the invite we sent out (once again I've blurred out Jake's face at Josh's request).  I folded it so that when people pulled it out of the envelope only the Daily Planet masthead was showing to make it look more like a newspaper page.

This poster of Jake dressed as Superman was on our front door.  I used my projector at work to project the same photo from the invitation onto a piece of white paper and traced it.  The face was tougher to trace but it looked enough like Jake that people got the idea.  After tracing it, I painted the poster and then outlined with a thin felt-tip marker.  I then cut it out and glued it onto yellow paper along with the letters.  Jake really loved this poster and it is currently hanging in our garage because he wasn't ready to get rid of it.

When our guests first walked in we had these homemade personalized capes hanging from our banister.  I used this template from jollymom to trace the top part of the cape.  Then I cut them out of red felt (I don't sew).  My mother-in-law used her sewing machine to sew velcro on at the neck.  I then cut the yellow felt in the shape of the Superman symbol and used more red felt to cut out each child's first initial.  I used heat n' bond to attach these.  If you wanted to make these completely no sew you could get the adhesive velcro.

Once the kids put on their capes we took pictures of them in front of our telephone booth.  I was worried we wouldn't be able to find a refrigerator box but as luck would have it, a week before the party our neighbors were getting a washer delivered as I drove up.  I saw an empty refrigerator box on the delivery truck and they were happy to let me have it.  Josh and Jake had fun painting the box with a couple of coats of tempera paint.  Once it was dry, Josh cut the door opening and the windows.  Then I used my silhouette to cut out the letters for telephone from black cardstock and glued them onto white construction paper which I glued onto three sides of the box (the fourth was against the wall so I didn't bother).

Remember these comic book letters I made back in September?

I displayed them on the mantel paired with framed photos of Jake dressed as both Clark Kent and Superman.

In my experience 5-year-olds aren't known for their patience so I had Superman stickers, Superman coloring pages, and lots of crayons out on the tables.

The majority of the activities took place in our garage since we don't really have a yard so I wanted to make it more festive.  We have overhead storage in the garage so we decided to make a bunting out of extra comic book pages.  All you need to do to make your own comic book bunting is to take extra comic book pages and cut them into triangles.  Then hole punch the top two corners and string regular curling ribbon through them.  This was something I almost didn't do and I'm so glad I did because it looked really cool.  The picture doesn't do it justice. 

Since we hired Superman I ended up not making most of the games I had planned on, but I did make Pin the S on Superman.  Using the same method I used to make the poster for the front door, I made two posters of Superman.  Then I used my Silhouette to cut out the S symbols for each child with their name written on them.  We split them into two groups to speed the game up.  In case you ever play a game and need a blindfold, we used two of those little ear covering headbands you wear in cold weather.  They were perfect because they didn't need to be tied and they stayed in place.

As far as Jake is concerned, no home party is complete without a pinata so we had to have one.  This was one of those pull pinatas but our kids used their "super strength" and busted it wide open.  You can see our Superman and my super husband in the background.

In addition to the personalized capes we sent the guests home with Superman coloring books with this little thank you tag stuck on the front.

This party was a lot of work and we were exhausted when it was over but it was more than worth it.  Jake had such a good time and really appreciated all of the details.  I wish we had gotten more pictures but hopefully this inspired you the way I am so inspired by all of the amazingly talented bloggers out there.  An extra special thanks goes out to my favorite blogger Amy without whom I don't think I could have pulled this party off so close to having a baby.

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