Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheap & Easy Lego Storage

I recently shared how we transformed Jake's room into a baseball loving boy's dream.  He loves his room and so do we, but in the past 6 months, we've run into a small problem.  Jake has been bitten by the Lego bug.  For the holidays and his birthday Jake got A LOT of Lego sets and he is in heaven.  Unfortunately his current toy storage wasn't cut out for tiny Lego pieces so we needed to figure something out.  Since Lucas will be mobile before we know it, we also needed a solution that would allow Jake to have a place to play with his Lego bricks and mini-figures that wasn't a danger to his brother.

I saw this great idea on Pinterest.  It is perfect because the bigger drawers house his bigger Lego sets and completed creations and the smaller drawers hold the extra pieces and small sets.  The board on top gives him a place to both build Lego creations and do his homework without worrying about his little brother getting into his stuff.

It was so easy to make!  We just bought 3 of those plastic drawers on wheels from Target (on sale of course).   We went to Home Depot and bought a board that was the right size to fit on top.  Then Josh painted it to match Jake's walls and once it dried laid it on top of the plastic drawers.  That's it!  He can wheel out the center drawers and set this little stool in there so he can sit at it like a desk.

This was the perfect solution.  To make the organization complete, a friend of mine gave me a great idea to corral all of the instruction booklets from his Lego sets.   I gave him a 3 ring binder filled with plastic sheet protectors.  He just puts the instruction booklets into the sheet protectors.  This way they are all in one place neatly stored on his bookshelf and he can flip through the pages to quickly find the instructions he is looking for.

There you have it, a cheap and easy solution for Lego storage and organization.

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