Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Losing the Baby Weight - Why I Love Lindsay Brin part 2

It's no secret that I love Lindsay Brin.  During my pregnancy I used her DVDs to stay in shape and manage my weight gain and I ended up gaining 20 pounds less than I did during my pregnancy with Jake (to be fair I didn't exercise at all that time).  After giving birth I was eager to get back on the exercise wagon and as soon as I was able, I turned back to my BFF, Lindsay Brin and Moms Into Fitness.  I started out with her postnatal boot camp which I love.  It starts out with 20 minute workouts which are perfect for a busy new mama.

After a few weeks of using Postnatal Boot Camp I found out some AMAZING news.  Moms Into Fitness was releasing a brand new postnatal exercise called Postnatal Slimdown.  At the same time Moms Into Fitness was launching its newly updated and FREE app.  I contacted Moms Into Fitness and asked if they would be willing to hook me up in return for a review on my blog and to my delight they agreed.  They gave me a free digital download of Postnatal Slimdown.

Even though they gave me this workout program, all opinions are my own.  Based on my past experiences with Moms Into Fitness I was certain that this would be a positive review and I was right.  First of all let's talk about my results.  I started out like this (Full disclosure I had been using Postnatal Boot Camp for 6 weeks at this point):

Clearly these are not the most flattering photos but I wanted to be honest with you all.  This is where I ended up:

That's right, NINE pounds in eleven weeks.  These photos were taken exactly 21 weeks after Lucas was born and I'm super excited at how quickly I bounced back.  It took me A LOT longer after Jake.  I should also mention that this is without dieting.  I am not a fan of the diet.  I try to make healthy choices and eat appropriate portions but if you follow this blog then you know that I have a major sweet tooth and I don't tend to deny it.

I know that lots of people say nursing makes the weight fall off.  I know some people find nursing to be very helpful but all I can say is that when I was nursing Jake I couldn't lose the last 10 pounds until I stopped nursing and here I am a few days shy of 5 months postpartum and I've lost it all.

That being said, there are still a few areas I want to lean out before my little sister's wedding this summer so I'm turning once more to Moms Into Fitness with the Pretty Fierce: Lean Out program.

No matter what stage of life you are in, I'm confident that Moms Into Fitness has a program that is right for you.  I recommend signing up for the email alerts from babysteals.com.  I bought several of my DVDs (including Lean Out) on there at a huge discount and they come back around often.