Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Chevron Maxi & Denim Jacket

Today we took advantage of the $1 kid's summer movie at Regal so I knew I needed to dress smart.  I am always freezing in movie theaters so I wanted to be covered up, but I also didn't want to broil once we were out of the movies.  A maxi skirt and denim jacket were the perfect solution.

See that dark circle in the middle of my shirt?  For the record, that is not a stain ladies.  That is the shadow of my rapidly disappearing belly button.  Oh pregnancy, you are so fun.  Not only does your belly button show once it pops but now it is showing as a big, dark shadow, what?!?

Once I take my jacket off you can really tell how much I'm starting to show, yikes!  Nothing in this post is maternity by the way.  When I brought this skirt home, my husband (smooth as ever) asked "Is that maternity or is is just from the 'big girl' section."  Needless to say we added 'big girl' to the ever expanding list of things he should never say to a pregnant woman.

Let's talk for a second about these wedges.  A year or two ago I bought a tan pair that was very similar to these, and I almost didn't keep them because back then I felt like I shouldn't spend a lot of money on things for myself and even though they were on sale they were still more than I was used to spending.  I'm so glad I did keep them because I have worn them more times than I can count which taught me a very important lesson: it is smart to spend money on quality.  As the wonderful ladies at Ain't No Mom Jeans espouse, it is all about "Cost Per Wear."  I searched high and low for those same wedges in black but finally had to come to terms with the fact that that particular ship had sailed.  Then these wedges cropped up on Haute Look and found their way into my house.  I still love the other style a little more, but these are super comfy and cute so I think it was a good purchase (plus I got them on Haute Look for a steal).

 Denim Jacket - GAP old - Similar here
Tank - Old Navy
Skirt - Daisy Shoppe - Similar here on sale for $23
Wedges - on sale for $59 Charles by Charles David