Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Red & Leopard

This is a crazy week for us.  Chanukah comes early this year, craaaazy early.  In fact, it starts tonight.  Because I'm due in about a week and a half we aren't traveling so our family is coming to us for the holidays.  We have my sister's family coming tonight and then tomorrow my in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving.  Added to that, I'm helping at the Thanksgiving feast at Jake's school today.  This all means that we are super busy, but at the same time, I'm trying to take it easy because we do not want an early arrival.

As a result, we are keeping the holidays very casual this year.  No getting dressed up in our house.  The boys are thrilled because this means they can wear their football jerseys on Thursday.  For me, it means these jeans.  These under the belly legging jeans from GAP that my sister is lending me are seriously the most comfortable things ever (other than actual leggings of course).  All of the maternity pants that cover the whole belly leave me very itchy and uncomfortable so I prefer under belly styles but a lot of them are really tight.  These are not.  They have an adjustable waist (like toddler pants) so they have continued to fit as my belly has grown.   Unfortunately, it doesn't look like GAP has them anymore but if you can borrow a pair of these from someone who was pregnant before, I highly recommend them.

This top is also my sister's.  I love thermals because they are so cozy!  The heart shaped pocket is adorable and gives me a warm place to put my always freezing hands so this top is a win in my book.  I decided to add in some leopard flats because I really like the combination of red and leopard and this does it in an understated way.  These flats dress up a casual outfit and add a little pop of interest.

Top - borrowed
Jeans - GAP maternity - borrowed
Flats - Payless