Thursday, April 3, 2014

DIY Baseball Themed Room

I've been meaning to post Jake's baseball room for a while but haven't gotten around it.  Now that it's baseball season I knew it was the perfect time to share. A while back we changed Jake's bed from a toddler bed to a full sized bed.  Since we had to get new bedding anyway, I decided it was time to change the decor of his whole room.  Luckily this coincided with a visit from my mom and stepdad who is really handy.  I decided on a baseball theme because it is Jake's favorite sport and when I was pregnant with him we used to call him Koufax (after Sandy Koufax the great Jewish left-handed Dodger pitcher - Josh's personal dream for our kids).

I didn't want to spend a ton of money so that meant lots of DIY.  After searching pinterest for inspiration we ended up with a really great room.  The one thing I did splurge on was this sports themed quilt from Pottery Barn Kids.  I found it at their outlet (by phone, there isn't one near us).  Even with the cost of them shipping it to me, it was still cheaper than if I had bought it at the regular store on sale.  To offset the cost of the quilt, I just bought plain sheets at Target (a white set and a tan set) instead of the coordinating sheets from Pottery Barn.

There is very little wall space in his room that isn't used.  He has a mirrored closet that takes up one wall and his windows take up quite a bit of two others, but I still found room for several fun pieces of art.

I used a red paint pen from Michael's to draw baseball lacing on white letters (also from Michael's and bought with coupons) to spell out Jake's name.

On the other side of the window we have a framed photo of Sandy Koufax pitching.  I couldn't find a white frame in the right size so I just bought a black one and painted it white.  We've since moved it up and hung up the brother picture frame I posted about here underneath it.  I took the knobs off of his white dresser and used the red paint pen from his name letters to make them look like baseballs.

This was one of the cheapest transformations in the room since we already had this dresser in his room and we used the same paint pen for two projects.  It just goes to show you that don't need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact.  The dresser turned out really nicely and ties into the theme perfectly.

I saw this tutorial for making a baseball scoreboard as inspired by the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and knew I wanted to make one for Jake.  I didn't have my silhouette at the time so I bought letter stencils and tried the method she recommended.  It didn't work for me.  Luckily one side of the board is facing the wall so I just flipped it over and started over.  I traced the stencils and then painted the letters by hand on top of the green.  That worked for me.  This was a very time consuming project, but once I figured out the right method it wasn't that hard.  Home Depot cut the main board to be the correct size and then Josh cut the little number boards for me and drilled holes in them for the jute.  The score is Jake's date of birth.  It is my favorite part of the room because it is so personalized and turned out looking so awesome!

My stepdad has a shop at his house so he used one of his special saws (no clue on which) to saw two baseball bats in half.  Then he brought them with him to our house and he and Josh attached corkboard squares to a square piece of wood.  They then attached the halved bats along the edges and some old baseballs (courtesy of my nephew) in the corners.  Thank you Pottery Barn for the inspiration.

I got the idea for the baseball bat growth chart from an etsy shop but it's not available anymore.  My stepdad made one for Jake and used a baseball cut in half as the marker. 

Jake is a big reader (yay!!) so we wanted to make sure that he had a reading area in his room.  My mom had bought Jake a cool baseball glove chair a long time ago so it was perfect for this little reading corner.

This DIY baseball room is so great because every night my little man goes to sleep in a room that he loves that was made for him with love by his family!

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