Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Spider Wreath

So... I had planned on making this wreath last Halloween but I was working full time and super pregnant and I only got as far as buying the foam wreath.  This year, I was determined to actually make it.  Then when I took Jake to Michael's to buy a poster (he's Star of the Week this week) I saw the perfect yarn.  Having made a yarn wreath before I knew I wanted a thick yarn because it goes much, much faster.  This yarn is nice and thick and is black with a shimmery/sheer white layer encasing it.  I also picked up a package of fake spiderwebs.

This spider wreath is super easy and cheap to make.  I've seen on pinterest that some people have cut a pool noodle and duct taped it to make a wreath  If you've got extra pool noodles that would make this even cheaper.  I used a 40% off coupon last year so it was pretty cheap anyway.  I used another coupon to buy the yarn.

Start out by looping the yarn around your wreath and tying a double knot to get it started.  Trim off any extra yarn hanging off of the knot.  Then start wrapping your yarn around the wreath.  This is sort of time consuming but not too bad since it is a thick yarn.  Just turn on the tv and you will be finished before you know it.  It won't be in perfectly straight lines because the inside of the wreath is thinner than the outside but it will still look great.  I did two layers.  Once I had wrapped all the way around I just kept on going wrapping right on top of the first layer.  When the second layer is finished, tie another double knot and trim off the excess yarn.

Grab a little bit of your fake spider web and stretch it across your wreath until it looks how you want it to.  The web will stick pretty well to the yarn on its own, but I used a couple of straight pins to tack it into the back to make sure it stayed in place.

Next grab your spiders.  I used these little clip back plastic spiders that I picked up at Party City.  Full disclosure, I originally used a big spider and hot glued it on.  I loved how it looked.

Unfortunately, by the next morning the spider was on the ground, it was just too heavy.  I probably could have found a way to make it stick but I just changed my plan and got the little ones instead.  They have a little clip on the back so Jake helped me slide them onto the web and we were finished.

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