Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Minute Infant Robin (the boy wonder) Costume

I was so excited to dress the boys in coordinating Halloween costumes this year.  The only problem was that Jake kept changing his mind.  He finally decided on Batman and Robin.  He loves the old Adam West Batman show so I instantly envisioned the costumes I would make.  When I started to describe my plan to Jake he looked at me and then broke my heart.  "Mom, I don't want that, I want the black Batman costume with muscles."  So... I wouldn't be making Jake's costume but I could still make Luke's.

This costume couldn't have been easier.  The hardest part was finding a dark green onesie to put underneath.  I had some leftover red and yellow felt from the capes I made for Jake's amazing Superman party last year (If you haven't checked the party out, you definitely should here: 1, 2, 3).  I picked up a sheet of black felt and some liquid stitch at Michael's and I was ready to go.

Full disclosure, I actually made this costume twice.  The first time around I traced the onesie to make the pattern and then I couldn't get Luke's arms into it.  The second time I learned my lesson and traced about an inch outside of the onesie and I had plenty of room.  Luckily the entire thing can be made in under an hour so it wasn't a big deal.

Start out by laying your onesie on top of a piece of doubled over felt with the shoulders on the fold of the felt.  Use the onesie as a guideline to make your pattern (about an inch away from the onesie).  You are making a vest so you don't need sleeves.  Cut it out and then eyeball cutting the neckhole.  Keep in mind that the front should be a deep v because it is a vest.  I also curved up the bottom on the front because that is what the old school Robin's costume looks like.  When you are finished you will be left with something like this:

Now I will be the first person to tell you that I cannot sew.  I am absolutely terrible at it, but I did do a little bit of sewing on this costume.  I flipped the pattern inside out and just hand stitched the side seams (don't sew up the arm holes).  This is the inside of a Halloween costume for a baby so you don't need to stress out about keeping your seam perfectly straight or your stitches even, at least I didn't.

Once you have your seams sewn, turn the vest right side out.  Now it is time for the embellishments.  I used this photo to model my costume off of.

I took my black sheet of felt and cut out a black rectangle to serve as the belt.  Then I traced a small cup to make the circle patch.  I used liquid stitch to glue those on.  Then I used my yellow felt and cut out the little yellow rectangles to simulate the lacing on the front of Robin's vest.  I cut out the R, then laid it on the black circle, and then trimmed it a little to make it fit.  I used liquid stitch to attach these as well.

Finally it was time to make the cape.  Since this is for a baby, I didn't want anything that went around his neck.  I free-handed the cape shape, then trimmed the neck a little and used liquid stitch to just attach the very top of the cape onto the back of the vest.

That's it.  Some felt, a tiny bit of sewing, and some liquid stitch layered over a green onesie and you have the perfect Robin costume for your little one.

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